Punishing Criminals



There have been many cases recently which makes me examine the issue of punishing criminals and other aggressive people. (esp. school shootings, people murdered by young kids)

1. I believe firmly in punishing youth in an means necessary.

We can take the weapon physically from the hands of the person. We can hold an aggressive person - to prevent him from harming people, until more security help arrives. We have the right to physically take the youth by the arm, and push him back into his seat.

We should send an aggressive youth to a professional whose entire job is punishing (such as a V.P. or something). When a student gets out of hand, he should be immediately sent away from the good students, and into a school which is run like a harsh military operation. From my observations, this is the only solution for these violent people.


2. “Age” laws are invalid when violence is the issue.

Any youth who uses a knife, a gun, or even just his fists against another should be tried as an adult. This is a dangerous situation, and the aggressive should be sent to prison, as soon as possible, and for as long as possible.


3. We should always have a large budget for prisons.

We should send to prison as many people as possible. We should keep them there as long as possible. I do not believe that violent people can be reformed. There may be some, and we can look for those, and release them. But most people should be locked up for a long, long time. If we go all the criminals, everywhere, locked up, crime would go down.

We should also not be light in our sentencing. We need to get rid of the vermin in our society. If we locked up people and kept them there, then they would eventually die off, and criminals would not propagate.

Also, the job market will likely preclude violent people. First, you must learn a trade. This takes effort, and violent people have proven themselves unwilling to do the work required to learn a trade.
Second, competition is tough, so you need to look hard for jobs. A violent person does not have the patience for that - he thinks the solution is to kill off the competition.

Third, the attitude of non-cooperation, perhaps being late to work or not doing the job satisfactorily will get him fired or even not hired.

And, notice this is all separate from a “criminal record,” and yet even without the record being considered, the attitude of the person seals his own fate.
Therefore, we might as well incarcerate these people forever, and just keep them out of our society.

4. The death penalty is good.

There are lots of people on the streets who have no problem killing a person when they rob him. Anyone who kills in that manner should be sent to death. He has lost his right to live.

Exceptions are the following. An act of passion, where the victim just got the person so mad, that is a forgivable mistake. The person would not have meant it.

Another exception is self defense. Any person defending himself against a thief or attacker has the right to kill in self defense (because the victim was just trying to save himself).

In the midst of war, killing is necessary. Of course, we hope war is the last possible option, and that the plan is to get to a resolution quickly.

5. What crimes are certain long-term prison, and what are forgivable.

Factors include: the type of person, the type of crime, and the motivation and other circumstances.

a) Certain get-them-off-the street crimes:

Violence, hurting another person, such as using guns, knives, blunt objects.
Stealing cars, computers, or other expensive items.
Highway patrol officers who sneak up on people - they are more likely to cause an accident than the driver in question. Highway patrol officers are far more dangerous to the highways than any regular driver. They should be fired and locked up for their gross behavior.
Women who falsely accuse people of harassment.

b) Forgivable crimes - either lighter sentence or virtually no sentence

Hot check writing.
Drug abuse, or sale of drugs.
Insulting a security officer who is poking into your personal business.
Traffic stuff - speeding (up to 20 miles per hour over), not wearing seat belt (we shouldn’t have to), not doing complete stop at stop sign in a rural area where no one is usually (except for hiding police).
Domestic violence (this is often a self-defense thing, where the guy just has run out of options in trying to solve the problem rationally.
Being aggressive when a person has insulted you too many times.
Theft when the person has been unemployed (yet the person was skilled and was employed before - so the cash is just short for the moment).