Play Me A Poem

M. Fennell



Oh, those cries of jubilant joy
And those of free form laughter
You know that’s the kind of choice
That were ever after

I’ve seen my share of remaining pain
At last - my lighter hour
I’m finally flying right today
Having the heart of a fragrant flower

Can you feel the healing?
Let me share it, show it, and shout
How many souls have you touched today?
That’s what it’s all about

Let me play you a poem
May my written words soothe the soul
For all of the love I’ve ever seen
I wish to return a thousand fold


One verse has become a big part of my personal identity over the years:

"How many souls have you touched today?

That’s what it’s all about"

That line says much about how I view my life.


Also, this quickly became one of my most popular poems.

I wouldn't mention it, except to point out how it was written...

Artists talk of muse. While most art needs to be crafted, some art seems to be inspired and just comes out as is.

That's the way it was during the writing of this poem.


Where did I write it?

I pulled over off the interstate freeway and wrote it at a gas station.

There was traffic, noise, grease guns, and everything.

I wrote it. I didn't bother to make any changes.

Then I just pulled onto the freeway and went home.

I did no edits.

This personal example really shows me that there is something called muse out there (you can call it angels or muse or whatever) and you just have to go with the idea when they visit.