Patriot Act


The Patriot Act has these main goals:

- to improve the sharing of information regarding terrorists and potential terrorist activities

- to dismantle all the financial methods for funding terrorists

The Patriot Act is a long one. Few have read it.

Because of the importance of the Patriot Act, yet because it is more difficult and time consuming to read, I am creating my own version of the Patriot Act. On these pages you will find the major items of the Patriot Act. I use their words, but simplify as much as possible. I hope that you can be more informed about this important set of laws collectively combined as the Patriot Act.

The main provisions of the act are put into these large categories:


Title 2: Enhanced Surveillance Procedures (Title II)

Title 3: Stop Money Laundering and and Financing Terrorists (Title III)

Title 4: Protecting the Border (Title IV)

Title 5: Removing Obstacles to Investigating Terrorism (Title V)

Title 6: Providing for victims of terrorism, public safety officers (Title VI)

Title 8: Strengthening the criminal laws against terrorism (Title VIII)

Title 9: Improved Intelligence (Title IX)