Michael Landon quotes

(an ongoing list)


These are items from his shows - Little House on the Prarie, and Highway to Heaven.

Note that I know he wrote most of the scripts, so I credit him. There may be some quotes which were written by other writers he worked with. I have checked some of these to see that Landon was the script writter.

“Never be ashamed of work you’ve done, only work you never did.” (from ‘The Craftsman’)

“She doesn’t love you because she needs you. She needs you because she loves you.” (From ‘The Hero’)

“Abuse the First Amendment and you destroy it.”


“There’s nothing I can do.”
“What is the most important miracle you could imagine?”
“Peace in the world.”
“It would happen if everyone cared.”
“Yes, but how are going to get them to listen?”
“You make them listen.”
“How? I suppose I just call up Dan Rather and ask to talk with him?”
“I don’t know, but its your assignment.”

“What’s the ‘right’ color?”
“You’ve never seen colors have you? To some white folks, white is the right color.”
“Maybe people would get along better if more were blind, because then they wouldn’t know about color.”
“Samson, you have more vision than most boys with two good eyes.”

(from ‘The Journey, part I)