Making America Great

by Mark Fennell

Overview of Book

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Overview of Book


Brief Description

Making America Great is a do-it-yourself hand-book to show ordinary, busy Americans how to make real improvements in their own communities.

This book is the culmination of many years research, traveling over three continents, talking with thousands of people, and working inside various industries.


The Making America Great Series

The Making America Great Series will discuss issues important to American communities. Each of the books will explain the topic, explore the possible solutions (giving pros and cons), and serve as a reference for all citizens.

The first book, Making America Great, is both an introduction and a summary to this series.


As an Introduction to the series, this first book discusses:

• What it means to be an American

• Where we must head, as communities and as a nation

• Universal morals

• Elimination of apathy, and encouraging busy citizens to become involved.

• How changes can be made, followed by specific guides to making changes


As a summary, Making America Great also provides discussions of things to come in the Making America Great Series.

There will be numerous books in this series. The entire series will take several years to complete. Therefore, I have also included discussions of some of the important topics yet to come. Some of these topics include:

• Educating our youth for morals and technical skills

• How we can more effectively improve our communites if we understand these realities such as economics, crime, and politics

• How corporations can restructure their management to be more ethical and profitable


Tone of the book

"Making America Great" is a combination of ethics primer and how-to book. The tone is informal, easy to read, educational, and inspirational. Chapters are short, usually just a few pages, and we provide quick reference guides throughout.

Samples of Making America Great


Sequence of change: explorers, pioneers, settlers, and gunslingers

Powers of man as individual