My Legal Training and Background


I am currently being trained as a Paralegal.

My courses are taught by licensed attorneys, each of whom have extensive practical experience.

Most of the course books are published by West, which is the leading publisher of legal information.


There are many jobs of a paralegal. Some of those tasks which apply here include:

• Locating existing law on a particular topic

• Analyzing and summarizing a section of law


My goal is to specialize in the following fields:

• Intellectual Property Law (patents, copyrights, trademarks)

• Administrative Law (working for government agencies)

• Civil Litigation


Prior to becoming a Paralegal, I have done other legal research and analysis.

(In fact, it was by doing this prior legal analysis on my own that gave me the idea to become a practicing paralegal)

Some of this reading and analysis included:


A. Extensive reading on the Constitution, including:

The complete works of Thomas Paine

• The book "Miracle at Philadelphia" (about the Constitutional Convention)

• The "Federalist Papers"


B. Books on the Supreme Court, including:

• A book about the operation of the Supreme Court by Rehnquist

• A book about the Justices of the past 30 years by a man who has argued several cases before the Supreme Court.

• "Great Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court" by Harrison & Gilbert, 2003

• "Sensational Trials of the 20th Century" by Betsy Kraft, 1998


C. The Patriot Act

• Reading the Patriot Act (actual law) in full

• Consulting with practicing judges regarding the subject of warrants

• Analysing, summarizing, and explaining the points of the Patriot Act over the past several years to various people.


D. Federal Agencies

• I have been researching and writing my series of books on each Department and Agency in the Federal Government.

• I started this research a year or so before I thought of becoming a practicing parlegal. From my research, I have learned a significant amount of information about our Federal Government, much of which pertains to legal issues.

• (I will continue my research and writing on each agency throughout the future, and publish each book, one Department at a time.)