Immigration Details


Immigration needs to be slowed and reworked.

Yes, we all came over as immigrants at one time. However, in the past 10 years or so, we have gotten a very serious problem. (A series of problems actually).

There are good websites with information. See:

This as lots of factual information, and a few other websites.

Immigration Problems in detail


1. Resources: land for homes, water and more, are taken up more quickly than we really have.


2. Many immigrants don't assimilate - they cheat and steal.

They view the American way as: take what you can, cheat everyone, and be self-centered.

Doubt me? Do your research. Read articles, read web info, talk to those who know immigrants. We have a serious problem with immigrants cheating and stealing their way to success.


3. They don't really understand America. We need to teach them.

Coming here is two sided: they come here for freedom, but because they came from dictatorships, they don't really understand American ways such as obeying the law, trust, and civics.

We need to take time to teach them these things.

Then, if they do not understand America, then that misunderstanding will be propagated through the generations, as well as propagated through the friends that come over.

If we are not careful, we will lose the concepts of America because so many do not understand.


4. Jobs.

a. Yes, the more immigrants, the harder it is for everyone to get jobs. And no, they are not providing a unique service. Many Americans would gladly perform those same jobs.

But we do have two related problems:

1. First, education is bad, and so immigrants who are better educated get the jobs. I talk much about this elsewhere: improve education so our people can compete.

2. Second, illegal immigrants are a problem. Is it a law, or isn't it? They broke the law. They must pay the price. The rest of us must go through procedures (even becoming a teacher is a real headache.) Yea, we'd love to break laws to get to legitimate work faster. But if we can't, neither should you.


By the way, note that I have nothing against the Hispanic people, who are the primary illegal immigrants. In fact, of all cultures outside Europeans, I like Hispanics the best. I enjoy them as friends, as coworkers, for their views of family, their religious practices, their music, their sense of fun, their work ethic, their cooking and much more. I think they are great. But you've got to obey the laws just like everyone else in this country.

If you come here legally, great. If not, nothing personal, its the law, and laws must be obeyed by all, and consequences administered to all, in order to be fair.


5. We now have this issue of terrorism.

We need to slow the incoming rate, screen them more thoroughly before we let them in, and keep better track once they are here.

What we need to do:

1. Slow the immigration rate. It would be good to stop it altogether for a while.

2. Provide a lot more teaching and advertising to these immigrants that stealing and cheating are not the way. America is built on trust. Also, we do need civics.

3. We must better educate our American-born citizens.

4. We must also be strict on illegal immigration. (We all must follow laws, getting away with breaking laws is not fair to anyone, particularly those born here.)

5. We need to slow the incoming rate, screen them more thoroughly before we let them in, and keep better track once they are here.