“I Forgive You”

M. Fennell



Experienced men and women will tell you

When you are truly prejudiced against

You Know


When you are truly hurt

Oh, How You Know


And when you truly forgive others,

and you truly let go

everyone around you will know


Make no mistake,

There ARE people who exhibit no prejudice

But, also make no mistake,

EVERYONE will be feel prejudice for something


Everyone will find themselves in the minority in some way

Everyone will at one time do their best, yet be insulted and pained

Everyone at one time will feel the sting, and wonder why


“Guilty until proven innocent”. That is the small minded’s motto

“Nurture friendships everywhere.” That is the big-hearted’s motto.

And mine, too.


Times change, biases come and go

and as people experience life, their various biases shrink and grow

But make no mistake, when you are hurt,

you know, you know, you know


How have I been prejudiced against? How have I been hurt?

The details do not matter - everyone who has felt it understands.


But I do not have time to waste on them.

Life is short, and there much to do:

Make real solutions. Disperse happiness. Give away love.

Create positive energy.


No, I do not have time for those who are wrong.

They hurt me, yes. They are wrong, yes

And I tell them so, oh definitely yes.

But spend time on them? No. They are not worth it.


I see time and again that there are more people who are big hearted than small minded

If you are big hearted, I welcome you.

If you are small minded, I forgive you.

And if you learned your mistakes,

you are most welcome again in my life.