God Bless the Blizzards

M. Fennell



I grew up in Iowa
Annual blizzards, hail, and sleet
I decided to move away from there
To rid the frostbite in my feet

I went to Oklahoma
No dust storms there today
But a high speed twister
Moved my house 12 miles away

I moseyed down to Texas
Wore a hat the size of Spain
I hoped to keep that oppressive heat
From getting to my brain

I booked my vacation in Miami
Thought I'd get a tan
What's this hurricane warning?
That was not in the plan

I flew out to Seattle
To try that corner of the map
The rain I could handle
But not St. Helen's ash

I drove down to San Francisco
Enjoyed Lombard and Coit Tower
But on the bridge toward Mount Diablo
I despised the earthquake at rush hour

I finally returned to Iowa
Capital of corn and wheat
God might decide to snow us in
But at least we've got plenty to eat