Finland is my Heaven

Finland is a very special place for me.

There may be other nice spots here and there, but to me, nothing like Finland. I would like to live in Finland. If there is a Heaven, I hope it is just like Finland.

Finland is so beautiful. It is so magical. I felt so at peace there.

It is quiet, the people were nice. Oh yes, I loved Finland.

Is it cold? Sure, a little, especially the further north you go.

One place we stayed was a cabin. Yea, even in the summer, at night it was pretty cold. Most of the time it was pleasant though.

But I wish I could have that inner peace, that total perfection that I felt when I was in Finland. It can't get any better, and I don't think it has.

I could try to describe the beauty, but I don't think I could do it justice. I took lots of walks, saw lots of pristine nature, and loved it. I took more than a few photos.


Arctic Circle

Yes, I went up to the arctic circle. We found a sign letting you know you had reached that point. I've got a picture of me in front of the arctic circle sign.


Santa Claus Village

Where does Santa Claus live? At the North Pole? Maybe. But he's got a place just a bit south, relatively.

Way up north, in the northern part of Finland, you can find a tiny little spot called Santa Claus village. It is a tiny area, very rural.

Yes, there are reindeer, right in the rustic corral. You can look at them all you want.

You can also buy a few things at the shop. I bought myself a Laplander hat. What, you say? Laplander - that's the name of the local people. The hats are very colorful. You wont find them anywhere but Finland.

They have an official stamp for your passport - yes, stamped my passport that I'd visited Santa Claus country.

Before you leave, you can leave your address so that Santa Claus can write you a personal letter, addressed all the way from northern Finland. How many people do you know have one of those?

Somewhere in Finland we also bought a fur skin. I don't know where that is now, but we did take it home.

Yes, I loved Finland very much.