Introduction to Europe Trip


I took a trip to Europe while in High School.

This was no fancy trip. This was a low budget, youth hostel, public transportation, lots of walking, really living among the people type of travel.

The journey did much for me, of which I will talk about in detail in another section. Here I will describe the particulars of the trip.

The reader must note some particulars of how this trip was done. I went to Europe while in high school. Few people do this. This was not part of a formal school trip, no, there were just two of us, and no more, for eleven weeks.

It was primarily my brother's idea. He had just finished his first year of college, a college which has a lot of well-to-do families. He heard his friends talk about Europe, and so wanted to go. Thus, he, along with my parents, did most of the original planning - tickets, places to see, budget, etc. I also took part in the planning, but as I was still in high school, I didn't know that much about a lot of things - how much planning could I do?

We toured via youth hostels, rail, and, packs. We were really among the people of those countries. We were really on our own.

We were not rich, so we had to watch our budget well. We were now thousands of miles away from home, so we really had to rely on ourselves. We were in countries where the language was foreign, where we had no idea of the territory, and with this, we had to get around, we had to find shelter, and we had to eat.

We had to make sure we didn't run into trouble - through criminals that are anywhere, through getting lost, running out of name it, we had to make sure we didn't run into trouble.

Although my brother started this, it must be noted that it wasn't long before I held my own.
My language skills were much better, and I did much of the communications - for directions, food, etc. I also knew much more history of these places. I could read maps very well. And, about half way through the journey, I had fully come into my own - in great physical shape, adaptable, in sync with the languages, and capable of taking care of myself anytime, anyplace.
I was a more self-actualized individual after that trip. Nothing would hold me back. For years and years after I was sharp and my own man.