England 2


From Finland, we took a plane (the first in 10 weeks) to hop over from Finland to England.

Our second visit to England was a bit different than the first. We were now seasoned travelers. We had seen so much, and done so much. The journey had changed me greatly, much for the better. We were near the end of our time in Europe.

So, this would be the last look, but with the skills of experienced travelers.


Touring the old towns

We took a number of ghost tours. These are those tours at night, where local guides take you to the local places and tell you the stories of ghosts. You can choose to believe or not. But, it was different, we got some history of local areas we wouldn't normally know, and we got to see different areas of the old towns


To Michael, on his 30th birthday

The last thing we did, and in some ways bizarre, is to see a concert.

We saw Michael Jackson perform live in concert. In Leeds England. On his 30th birthday.

Yep, we spent Michaels 30th birthday with him at a concert he performed in England. How many people can say that?

To those who don't remember Michael Jackson well, put this into perspective. He was talented. His music and dancing were always good. From the Jackson 5 days to Thriller, he was good.

At this time, he was still good. It was only later that he started wandering off into oddity. Still, I don't think that will ever take away from the music and dancing he once did.

It was not my idea to see the concert, but my traveling partner really wanted to. We weren't the only ones. Most people who stayed in nearby youth hostels and hotels were there to see the Jackson concert. England had lots of Michael Jackson fans eager to see him. Everyone talked about it, before the event, and the next day.

One more intersting thng - regarding England. England has sudden rains. You often see films of Englishmen walking with their umbrella. There is good reason - rain can come up suddenly.

I never saw this more clear than at the Michael Jackson concert. This was an outdoor concert. There was no rain at first, but then later, a few sprinkles. Up went the umbrellas! In one mass motion, a thousand umbrellas opened up. In a few seconds, the concert area became a sea of umbrellas! The English people knew their weather.