Our first stop was England - you have to land somewhere.
There isn't much to say about England because we just got started. We hadn't really gotten into our traveling yet, so there aren't as many stories here as there are later. England was mostly just the initial adjustment to how we would do things.

One interesting thing was Stonehenge. We got to Stonehenge on the day of the Summer Solstice. That day, of course, is one of the major days for Stonehenge. Believers in the faith regarding Stonehenge were everywhere, as were a lot of hippie type people. We actually couldn't get that close because of it, so we returned again the next day for better viewing. Even then, the actual Stonehenge was chained off so you couldn't get close enough to really look at it.

Canterbury is especially interesting. Canterbury tales is a classic literature, which most people get at least a glance of in school. Few people remember that the story behind the "tales" is a pilgrimage. These people are on their way to see a religious site in Canterbury. During this pilgrimage, each individual tells a story to pass the time. Hence, Canterbury Tales.

We went there to, and saw the religious site. To be honest, I can't remember what it was. I think it was an old Church, built in 600 AD. I've got lots of pictures of it. It is in ruins now, but still interesting to see something that old.

Also interesting were the pictures in the tunnels. Below the streets in many areas of England are tunnels. Pedestrians can pass through easily. In these particular tunnels people had painted great pictures. There were lots of murals, most of which depicted the Canterbury Tales. These paintings were very, very well done. I took a few pictures, but there was plenty more. There is one beautiful one of an angel sitting by the old church.

When we left England, we took a hovercraft. It was pretty fast. Today they have the tunnel connecting England and France.