Education Details: Main Points and Things to Fix


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Education Main points - keys how to fix

Any school run today, if it were a business, would be bankrupt and gone within a few months. No business would tolerate the things that go on.

Hence, we need vouchers, so that parents can send their kids to other schools. And more schools will start if they know they can get kids from vouchers. This will bring in competition. The best schools will thrive. The public schools will wonder what happened. And, finally, these public schools will finally get it into their heads that their ways are terrible; they must look at what the good schools are doing in order to survive.

- Here are the basic things that will greatly improve education, that each school should change, and costs no money (except for the one about building more schools)


1. Shorten class time to 1 hour (as it had been for decades). (90 minutes is way to long).

2. Increase lunch time a full hour (30 minutes is way to short, students starve, no one learns)

3. Allow effective discipline. We must not shy away from the discipline techniques of the last 150 years which have been effective.

4. Teach skills for the real world. And, allow teachers to go beyond the textbooks.

5. Build more schools so that school size is reasonable. 1,500 in a school is a good number. Schools of 3,000 people are crazy, literally! Its chaos!


6. Treat teachers with dignity.

Teachers take a difficult job with low pay for altruistic reasons. We all work hard (12 hour days, plus most saturdays). Administrators MUST start to treat teachers like humans, and not like scum, which is the way they treat us now.


7. Offer a lot more non-college practical trade education.

I have a graduate degree, so I can speak from that end, and I say: there are a lot MORE jobs, and better jobs, which do NOT require college degrees. It is more important to start training people for those. Stop pushing college. Start showing people other options which they may truly enjoy.

8. Vouchers. As I said, vouchers and competition are the key to getting these pathetic school administrators to change their ways.