Corporal Punishment Details


I am strongly in favor of corporal punishment.

Many people have grown up with this type of discipline. The punishment was an effective deterrent, and soon the mere threat was enough to stop a child's bad behavior.

These individuals are better people for it. They learned how to behave. They became responsible and well mannered.

None of these individuals became emotionally disturbed. In fact, the opposite is always true: the more discipline, the better the person will become. Conversely, the less discipline, the worse the person will become.

People have used this throughout the world for centuries. Even in America, up through the 1960s, this was common practice. History proves that corporal punishment is a good thing. During the time that corporal punishment was used, our society was much more well mannered, responsible, considerate. Today, we see nothing of the sort.

The lack of corporal punishment is most evident in the schools (where I have taught for many years). Without realistic meaningful punishment, then the kids will never behave.

I have heard many discussions, and all the teachers remember corporal and other physical punishments. Each of these teachers experienced it, and learned to behave from it. Many got to do it themselves long ago, and knew how effective it was.

But today, society says no to corporal punishment, and that is one of the worst things we could ever do.


And a few words on parenting rights and govt keeping its nose out of it:

Furthermore, I believe a parent has the right to discipline his child any way he sees fit. And if it gets pretty rough, then that is okay. It is up to the parent to decide, not any member of government.

Sure, there are cases where the parent goes overboard, but these are rare. Very rare. Most of the time, the government busybodies are making it up. They lie and exaggerate about what they see, and they guess that something more sinister is going on, and then they stick their nose in where they shouldn't. No, most the time, good parents are disciplining their children, and there is not any abuse.