Christmas Epiphany

M. Fennell



You think holidays are merely ritual
And all men are suspect
I, too, was once as dead
I’ve since been proven incorrect

After living with close families
Watching people who deeply love each other
I wanted to partake
And remove my heart's protective cover

Gradually my self-consciousness disappeared
Paradoxically happier to think of others first
I assist a man when I can
Offering drink when he has thirst

Let me carry those bags
Allow me to hold that door
A compliment, a smile, an extra ear
Small gifts galore

Easier to act on my love
Then to put my heart into words
I extend my hand to help
Your needs unspoken but heard

The traditional holiday season
Unfortunately officially ephemeral
Let us extend the love throughout the months
Make your neighbor's day delectable

If you still see only the material
Your world is empty with such beliefs
May God in his wisdom and love
Grant you a Christmas epiphany