Bill Graham - His Show Goes On

M. Fennell



Bill was born in Berlin
During Hitler's reign
His parents died in Germany
But sent young Bill away

The orphanage in Paris
Travelled by foot to a Spanish port
Of the sixty kids who began the journey
Only a handful saw New York

Eventually adopted
Bill grew up in the Bronx
Valuing friends and honesty
Knowing how quickly life is lost

Bill moved to San Francisco
Bought the Fillmore auditorium
Beginning his unceasing labor
In pleasing those Californians

Bill paid attention to details
From engineering to traffic flow
Some people came regardless who played
For “Graham” implies a quality show

Though older than the band members
He related to this S.F. youth
Singing about peace and love
Daring to speak the truth

Bill let the bands be creative
But forced them to be professional
Together they made money
And their ideas respectable

Bill's philosophy was human
His maxim now known well
You can talk about social problems
Or you can do your part to help

He donated enormous funds
Often anonymously
Free concerts in the park
Art from and for the community

Bill encouraged expressing you beliefs
And perfecting your natural talents
For musicians with addictions
He would pay to break their habit

Bill noted drug abuse among the crowds
He started a tradition then
He passed out free apples
To counter the drug's effect.

Bill attended every show
To insure its success
One day his helicopter crashed
Throwing Bill to his death

He showed us love
His show goes on

This tragedy struck the millions
Who came to his events
Musicians performed for the public
To show how much Bill meant

Bands reunited for the day
Who hadn't played in years
A plane dropped flowers from the sky
We shared our food and our tears


He showed us love
His show goes on

Only then did we understand
What one man's love can do
Each of us now acts for Bill
Empowered to improve

Bill will always be with us
Said the Chief from the Dakota tribe
When you do things for your brother
Bill's spirit is by your side