From Liechtenstein we went to neighboring Austria. We spent most of our time in the western half, and I believe we took a short stint to Vienna. We saw many wonderful things, particularly in the mountains of western Austria.

Pick a city, any city, and buildings are beautiful. They look almost unreal. This is where the image you have holds true. Elegant buildings, nice flowers in the window box, very pretty.

One sight I liked was a large scale chess set in the park. Each piece was about 2 feet tall, and the chess board was a permanent part of the park. Very interesting.

We went to the Alpine zoo in Austria. We saw some of the most unusual animals. This zoo has a lot of cold-weather species, so there are many different animals to see. I've got pictures of all sorts of strange creatures.

From there we took a group trip to the mountains. We found a guy who takes people up on a hiking trip, a day trip. It was pretty cool, even for the summer, because we were in the mountains. Still, we worked up some energy with all the walking.
I've got some great pictures of some wonderful views.

I remember the goat - where we stopped for lunch, there was a particular local goat who was into everyone's lunch.

The other thing I really remember is the yodeling. Our guide knew how to yodel, and did quite often. He got others to yodel to. Note that he didn't ask, he ordered. On command. "Yodel!" and a point with his walking stick. None of us were very good, but he made us practice as we walked through the high Austrian mountains.

Perhaps the most astounding sight in Austria was the cave/tunnel. I can't remember the details of why it was there, I think it might have been a salt mine. I believe Salzburg means city of salt, so there is sense to this. But it was a strange and wonderful sight.

You look up the mountain, and see a small hole. By taking a tram (ski-lift thing), you get close, and then further by walking. It is very, very, high up, almost impossible to see from the valley.
The hole is actually several people wide, not as small as you thought. The cave is very, very long. In fact, it goes all the way from Austria to Germany! There is one point where there is a sign telling you which side is Austria and which side is Germany! I've got a picture of that.

There is also an underground lake. The lake makes these interesting reflections.

Getting to this cave is practically a full day in itself. You really can't go back once you start.