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I don't like abortion as an act. However, I will remain pro-choice for practical reasons.

I prefer to focus on prevention, so that abortion rarely needs to be an issue.

Details Abortion



There is nothing wrong with alcohol in itself.

It has been a pleasure for man for thousands of years.

However, we must be moderate. Excessive drinking can lead to accidents and deaths. Long term excessive drinking can interfere with a man's working life and friendships, and it can damage his health.


Art - Public funding, public display, and personal freedom in art

1. Any artist is allowed to create, show, and sell whatever he wants, in his own place.

2. Public art should be for the greater good, for the public as a whole.

3. Public funding for art can be good, yet it is the public that pays for it, and so the public can choose what art to support or not to support.

Art - public funding - details


Art - what good art should be - what makes good art

Art should be positive, beautiful, inspiring, and comforting. Art should promote truth, beauty, harmony, positive outlook, and real solutions. Art should never show discord, violence, hatred, or fighting.



Art - Great Art - Samples, Discussion

Music, movies, television, theater, books

Learn about great art of all media, from yesterday and today.

Click here to learn more and join the soulful discussion of art



Budget - Government

We the People must know what the budget is - in detail - for our State and Federal governments.

Sadly, the government keeps it hidden. Even from the federal budget office website, their actual "budget" you can download is very, very skimpy.

We need to know where our money is going - down to the penny.


This is what we should call for, what the government should do for its people regarding budgets:

1. Have a FULL, Detailed budget - every item, down to the penny - available on their website.

2. One printed copy of the detailed budget should be printed and distributed to a public library per every 50,000 Americans.

3. A 10-page summary of the budget should be distributed to EVERY HOME in America every year.

Remember, it is OUR money, not theirs. They keep it hidden with purpose, for many reasons. We need to write and call our representatives and the budget office. We need full disclosure of where our money is going - and done so every year.

Budget details


Business Ethics

All businesses have moral responsibilities. This is just good behavior.

In its broadest, business ethics are these categories:

1. Treat employees fairly.

2. Be a good neighbor in the community.

Charles Dickens explained it well in one of his novels: “Business! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!”

Read more on business ethics - specific morals and techniques.



Campaign Finance

Let us get this clear up front: money does not elect representatives, people do.

Nobody wins elections based on money, they only win if a) lots of people hear about the candidate and his views, and b) if the majority of people agree with the candidate's views.

Who needs millions of dollars? All we need are enthusiastic people to talk up the candidate.

People, not dollars, elect representatives.

Details on campaign finance



As an artist, and as one who enjoys art, freedom of speech has always been an important issue to me.

Also, I like to learn. I like to study on the big issues in life. Free Speech is important in this area too.

Then there are the important issues of political freedom and government accountability. This was the primary reason for our Founding Fathers to make it a Guarnteed Right.

Our First Amendment is an important one. It is one of the main things that makes our country so great.


Yet, with this freedom of speech, there are issues...Censors were over-zealous in the past. Yet today art often is unnecessarily bloody and sex driven. So, these issues of censorship do need to be examined.


There are three main angles to looking at Censorship:

A) Types of Censorship

B) Who is doing the Censoring

C) Restrictions/level of access.


These will be examined on the next pages.

Censorship Details



Having been to college and graduate school, having completed degrees and then living in the real world and seeing many real jobs, I can say the following:

For the most part, college is a waste of time.

Most of the best jobs do not require college.

College Details


Constitution - fundamentals (the basics of what a Constitution is, in general)

The following is about the basics of a constitution. This applies to the US Constitution, all State Constitutions, and all city charters.

Note that the following insights are from Thomas Paine (who was good friends with political leaders of the 1700s).

• The Constitution is first and foremost a contract.

• The Constitution is an agreement between the people and themselves.

• The Constitution is the creation of a new government.

• The constitution describes the organizational structure of the government.

• The Constitution limits the powers of the government, and protects the rights of the people.

• All constitutions should have a statement of rights.

• All constitutions should also have a statement of responsibilities.

• The Constitution must be approved by the people.

• A Constitution must have a method of being amendmended.

• The people are the final authority on what is or is not Constitutional.

• No body of the government can itself change a constitution.

Constitution fundamentals - details


Constitutional - what is Contitutional, what is not Contitutional

When looking at a law to see if it is "constitutional" or "unconstitutional" there are two main principles:

• "Constitutional" is whatever the people say it is.

• The opinion of the people is made official when a specific proposal is voted on by the citizens.

My understanding comes from Thomas Paine, who is one of the greatest Constitutional scholars in history.

"Constitutional" details


Corporal Punishment

I am strongly in favor of corporal punishment.

Many people have grown up with this type of discipline. The punishment was an effective deterrent.

The mere threat of this punishment was usually enough to stop a child's bad behavior.

These individuals are better people for it. They learned how to behave. They became responsible and well mannered.

Furthermore, I believe a parent has the right to discipline his child any way he sees fit. It is up to the parent to decide, not any member of government.

Details Corporal Punishment



Death Penalty

I am in favor of the death penalty.

When a murderer killed, he took that life without cause. There was no jury or deliberation. Ending the killer's life is the least we should do.

Furthermore, many of these murders are not simple, but gruesome. I read a book on the death penalty in Texas, listing all the people and the crimes. Most were multiple murders, and many acts were sadistic.

To protect the innocent, forensic studies must be used, particularly DNA testing. Forensics is very good these days, and we, the taxpayers, should support any expense in forensic testing so that the innocent man is not convicted.



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