The American Way: Table of Contents


Part 1: Basics of the American Way

1. Basic Truths of America

2. The American Character

3. Limited Government

4. The people control their lives, people control the government


Part 2: Government and Freedoms

5. Balance of Power: Executive, Legislative, Judicial

6. People control government, people check the govt's powers

7. The 2nd Amendment exists in case they ignore all the others

8. Freedom of Speech

9. Freedom of Religion

10. Freedoms, responsibility, and ethics


Part 3: Religion in the United States

11. Founding Fathers were religious

12. Government and Religion: self-govt does not exclude God

13. We are a church going people

14. Christmas in America - the universal holiday

15. Key summary concepts Religion, Govt., and America


Part 4: Economics and success

16. Free market economy, and running your own business

17. Anyone can succeed, Opportunity for all

18. Choices: Freedom, Choice, and Success

19. Taxes and government budgets

20. We do not steal or hurt others to become successful


Part 5: Being a good American

21. Melting pot and becoming a good American

22. Good Neighbors and Community Spirit

23. Civics: duties in self-government

24. Patriotism

25. Un-American activities and dirty words


Part 6: Preserving and Protecting the American Way

26. Rule of Law

27. The government is not above the people

28. Punishing bad behavior and illegal acts

29. Protecting the American way at home

30. Protecting the American way abroad

31. Ethics in America

32. Education - teaching civics, history, and the American Way

33. Modern issues and the American Way

34. Property rights and abuses of eminent domain

35. Improving America: evolution; all Americans part-time


Part 7: Conclusion

36. Conclusion

37. Appendix 1: Websites and books on the American Way

38. Appendix 2: Civic groups and volunteer organizations

39. Appendix 3: Groups to join to help preserve the American Way

40. Appendix 4: Suggested laws to ensure the American Way