The American Way

by Mark Fennell

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About the book

In order for America to remain a wonderful place, we must continually teach the keys of America's greatness.

Although teaching the American tradition is not necessarily new, writing and teaching on this subject has been weak in the past thirty years. Many American schools do not teach civics anymore, and history classes often neglect significant parts of our heritage.

In addition, many immigrants do not properly understand America. They do not know much about America before they come, and they are not taught enough about our culture and heritage when they are here.

Thus, there are many places where the keys to America's greatness are not being taught as well as it should. As a consequence, if we do not teach the principles, then America will eventually cease to be thegreat nation of freedom and prosperity that we have been known for.

The American Way exists to fill that void.

This book explains the American Way. It is more than just a civics book or a collection of quotes. The American Way teaches all aspects of American culture and all the keys to America's greatness. This book explains these concepts in such a way that anyone can understand, regardless of background.

The American Way was written with several types of readers in mind, with different goals for those different readers.


If you understand America already, then you can use this book - in a classroom setting or given to people you know - to help teach those who don't understand.

If you have not been taught much about our heritage or what it means to be an American, then this book will help you realize what really makes our nation work so well.

If you have been taught incorrectly about America, then maybe this book will help open your eyes.

If you want personal success and happiness, then this book will offer some insight into how Americans just like yourself have made the most of their lives.

If you want other nations to have what we have, then sharing this book will assist people of those nations in understanding the keys to our success.


The American Character

Founding Fathers were Religious

Melting Pot and Becoming an American

Preserving the American Way at Home

Table of Contents

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