The American Character

From The American Way, by Mark Fennell


The American Character is a combination of ethics, independence, community spirit, civic duty, and religious convictions. The following is a list of the traits of the American Character.



1. Honesty
2. Trust
3. Fairness
4. Integrity
5. Courtesy
6. Respect
7. Tolerance
8. Manners
9. Kindness



10. Self-reliant
11. Hard working
12. Risk taking
13. Exploring, creating, and innovating
14. Entrepreneurial - building his own business
15. Takes life's problems in stride, with wisdom and a smile
16. Laughs often - even in adversity and at himself
17. Dreamer with a can-do attitude


Community spirit

18. Law abiding
19. Belief in Equality - no class system, and equal treatment for all
20. Will not use freedom as excuse for unlimited behavior
21. Does not take advantage of others
22. Cares about his neighbor; is helpful and generous


Civic duty

23. Takes active part in his neighborhood
24. Loves his country
25. Appreciates America's Freedoms, and will defend them
26. Preserves and teaches the American culture
27. Stops unethical and un-American behaviors


Religious convictions

28. Devotion to God
29. Church going
30. Has faith - in God, in America, in himself, and in the future