Some simple yet profound acts we can do

to make our nation a better place

(List #1)



1. No elected official shall get paid until their budget is balanced.

As long as the budget is not balanced, the treasury will withhold the paychecks of all elected officials in the legislature.


2. No elected official shall be able to vote himself a pay raise.

Pay raises must be decided by ballot, voted directly by the people.


3. The three V’s (Vulgarity, Violence, and Vandalism) will be replaced by the three C’s: Civility, Cooperation, and Cleanliness.


4. “Corporal Punishment” will no longer be a dirty word.

Corporal punishment will be allowed, and not considered illegal anywhere.


5. Any TV station or network which shows gratuitous violence (wrestling, talk shows, etc.) will lose their FCC license. Immediately.



6. Forced Social Security and corporate retirement programs will end.

From now on, it will be your choice whether or not to give part of your pay into that retirement system.


7. Federal Law will mandate that ALL jobs, regardless of what they are, will set aside 1 full hour of each day for lunch (no less!!!).

Federal law will also mandate that no one can be forced to work during his lunch hour.


8. Phone solicitors shall be outlawed. Exceptions will include: political organizations and charities.


9. It shall be criminal for any company to sell names to another company organization, unless you check a box approving it.


10. Under no circumstances will information acquired and held by government agencies be sold to a private company.


11. English will be the official language.


12. The “black culture” will no longer be celebrated.

The “black culture” as I have seen it from blacks themselves includes: disrespect, violence, loud talking, aggressiveness, no manners, no desire for education, poor use of the English language, and sloppy appearance.

This culture should not be promoted as “good.”


13. The “white culture” will again be celebrated.