Proposed Constitutional Amendment:

Checking the Powers of the U.S. Supreme Court

Background Reading & Studies


Author's Personal Background Studies

• Paralegal Training

• Course in Constitutional Law

• Course in Civil Litigation


Books on the Constitution and Supreme Court

(I have read all of these. They have guided me in my creation of any proposed Amendment).

Thomas Paine - Complete Works

Paine and Jefferson on Liberty (a collection of writings)

The Federalist Papers

Miracle at Philadelphia

The Virginia Bill of Rights

• The initial Amendments proposed by James Madison

• Ken Starr's book on the Supreme Court Justices

• Rehnquist's book on the history and operation of the Supreme Court

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution

Men in Black



Articles on this Website related to the Constitution

Constitution Fundamentals

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Federalist Papers (analysis and quotes)

Judicial Nominees, Federalist Paper #76

Line Item Veto

State Law as Extention of Federal Law

Thomas Paine - Books, Quotes, and Lessons from Thomas Paine

Theodore Roosevelt - Books, Quotes, and Lessons from Theodore Roosevelt