About This Site


About this site - in brief

1. This website is a collection of my writings and teachings.

2. This website presents samples of my books, and provides information on how you may acquire copies.

3. This website discusses my services as public speaker on community related issues.


About me - in brief

I am a teacher.

I am a writer.

I am a public speaker.

I am also a a researcher, a scientist, a historian, and a community leader.


History and Evolution of this Site

1. Poetry

I have written poetry for many years. Many people have liked the poetry I have written. The first goal of this website was a place to make most of my poetry accessible to readers.

I worked as an engineer, then as a teacher, but still wrote poetry as a hobby. The first goal of this website was simply as an on-line collection of my poetry.


2. Teaching: Social and Political Issues

The second objective was related to teaching, specifically in the "answers to social issues."

When I worked as a teacher, I would often get asked questions about various topics by students.

This was one of my favorite parts of being a teacher. Students would ask me lots of questions about life.

They would ask me advice regarding careers, sex, relationships, and various issues that come up in life.

They would also ask me about topics in the news.

I've had many discussions with young people over the years. I noted that some of the questions and concerns were common to many young people. I learned to refine my explainations.

I decided to compile "answers" to these common questions, and make these accessible on-line. This was primarily a service to young people.


3. Social and Political Issues expanded

Adults need answers just as much as teenagers do.

Americans want to know answers related to issues such as: The Patriot Act; FISA laws; Term Limits; Nuclear Power; and many other topics.

For example, the Patriot Act is important, but most Senators and reports lie about it. I've read the Patriot Act, I have studied it, and I have put the truths on the Patriot Act on website in the "Social and Political Issues" section.

This is just one example.

I began expanding that section regarding all types of social and political issues that I think most Americans should know about.

Most of the research comes from my own initiative. Yet, readers have also asked me to investigate topics. Some reader inspired topics include: FISA laws; the Electoral College system; and What is or is not Constitutional.

I will continue to expand that section for many years.



4. Books for Sale

I am a professional author of non-fiction books. All books I have written are published and are available for purchase. (And I write new books every year.)


I started writing books several years ago.

There were many books that must be written, but weren't being written. I made the committment to research, write, and publish these books.

At first I wrote books while teaching. However, I realized that progress was slow (due to limited time.)

I decided to quit my teaching job, and devote myself full time to writing these books.

Today, writing and publishing books is one of my full-time jobs. (My other full-time job is Public Speaking.)


I have over 30 books planned, all non-fiction. These books will be on topics of interest to citizens. These books will be of interest to anyone interested in their community and their country.

This website now has a section on my books. I have samples, and tell you how you can buy these books.


5. Public Speaking

I speak about a variety of topics.

As a former teacher, I have become proficient in public speaking.

I am well equiped to stand in front of an audience and explain a topic clearly.

Students of all ages have enjoyed my teaching (both style and substance).

Similarly, my presentations as a Public Speaker have been well received.

On this website, I discuss my services as a Public Speaker. I give a sample of topics, my fee structure, and other related information.


6. Ethics Team

I have long been interested in Ethics.

I have written about it long ago. I have discussed ethics in my first two non-fiction books.

Now I am part of this Ethics Team for the city where I live.

This website will thus also serve as a place to put all information related to the discussions and progress of that Ethics Team.


On-line Repository and Acess to Information

This website is an on-line repository for all my writings.

There are many people who want to see some aspect of my writings. Therefore, having an "on-line file cabinet" is useful.

Just as a real file cabinet has many different topics, so this on-line file cabinet has many different topics. There are a variety of different reasons why a person comes to this site, yet all those reasons can be accomodated here.

The common theme to this site is that this is an on-line repository for all my writings, on any topic.

It is an on-line file cabinet for writings, research, and facts, as written (or collected) by Mark Fennell.