About Articles

I write about a number of topics.

I am always reading, researching, and talking with people. My mind is always working. I naturally think about things, even when walking, waiting in line, or lounging.

I enjoy learning, and I enjoy writing. This results in essays on a variety of topics.


Essays - inspiration, ideas

On a daily basis, I devote myself to my books (researching, writing, and editing, for the specific book I am working on.)

However, while working on these books, I do take mental breaks. During these breaks I think about these other topics, and write about those topics. This keeps me fresh, and I enjoy it.

I also get new books from time to time, sometimes as gifts. Many of these books are historical, technical, or philosophical. When I read these books I learn some interesting things. I write about what I've learned.

Some topics are inspired as questions by people I know. They ask me about a topic. If I am not familiar with the topic, then, when I have some time, I do some research. I learn and I write about it.



These articles cover just about anything, whatever I may be interested in.

You may learn some things here.